Midnight Herald
by William Hallmark

Welcome to Endurance Ministries’ site devoted to bringing an introductory definition to the eschatological foundations upon which our ministry emphases are based. These chronological details, while sincerely not a major emphasis of this ministry, are important nevertheless. If there were no biblical justification for this end-time position, call to action based upon the specific perspective would be groundless. Obviously, we believe quite the opposite is the case, thus there is strong warrant for bringing this God-honoring service. Thank you for being willing to consider it through your taking the time to look over this site. Scripture clearly calls God’s people to be like the Bereans of Acts 17. For the glory of the one true God, may His faithful people today do likewise.

This site differs from our other sites in that it brings clarification concerning the eschatological position of Endurance Ministries. The other sites published to date (that clearly communicate this ministry’s primary focus, main objectives and/or service priorities) are listed immediately below.

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Links have been provided so you can clearly discern the predominate emphasis of this different end-time ministry. We strongly feel you will be edified through this journey with us (at this site and at the other sites above), should you decide to join us in this eternally significant inquiry. And that it sincerely is: a time investment dealing with eternally consequential concerns. Our promise: no exaggeration!

Although Endurance Ministries does not devote its primary attention to an eschatological chronology due to its other (i.e., primary) ministry objectives (see www.endmin.com and www.endmin.org for these end-time ministry distinctives and see the other two sites for clarification as to what it is which serves as the foundation or basis for this service), we have frequently been asked to at least provide some warrant for this call to action around the biblical themes which are emphasized. Application springs from sound reasons to act, so it’s a reasonable request that we provide sufficient grounds for the call to a very different life-style/behavior than what is typically called for by many of the other end-time ministries today.

But before we begin to introduce the chronological aspects foundational to Endurance Ministries' emphasis on specific action, we feel it appropriate to ask an important request of you, the reader, at this time due to the many questions we have received about the chronological distinctives of this ministry. So here’s our fair request: Please, sincerely seek to understand the position that is introduced in the following pages BEFORE you label and judge it. Some have said in various ways, “Oh, so you’re mid-tribbers then.” No, we are not. Given the “baggage” of this position that is not our burden due to the biblical definitions attributed to certain (and major) eschatological terms and due to the different aspects this Final Trumpet position presents, we are sincerely not mid-tribulational in perspective concerning the Rapture or Gathering of God's people in Jesus Christ. This will become clear as the position is rightly understood. We restate the above due to its importance: In order to respond to the position that follows, please be wise and avoid erroneous assumptions by taking the time to properly understand this position. A related story will bring helpful clarification – We like stories. Jesus told stories. The following is a true story—one taking place almost twenty years ago.

One day our field director was told by his senior pastor that he was to participate in a parents' meeting—He was the youth pastor. As he inquired about the nature of this meeting, it surprised him to discover that a couple of the dads of a few of the youth were frustrated about some things. If they had only come to him prior to the act to call for the meeting, they would not have suffered embarrassment given their too-quick-to-respond judgments. Our director sincerely felt bad for these two dads as the meeting took place because their two complaints were actually two strengths of the ministry! (The youth ministry had other weaknesses, to be sure, but the two concerns they raised were easily dismissed, for the ministry was in the middle of two weekly meetings that included the very issues of complaint they were raising: applicable speaking material [as opposed to going through material that had little to no practical value] and that the program should be emphasizing the Word of God in the weekly studies, not mere opinion of man. The youth were well into a series in I John when the two called for the meeting.)

Why do we take your time to share this story? All the above to say: First, please do not prematurely judge this position. Please take sufficient time to thoroughly understand the foundation from which the main objectives of Endurance Ministries come. Second, please contact us if you have comments and/or questions. We could honestly tell you of theologians who have mistakenly labeled this position and who have gone on to make faulty, premature statements about this God-honoring labor of love. THANK YOU (in advance) for responding in a Christ-like manner to this fair request. We are grateful for a fair hearing! (If you’ve not discerned it by now, this site is published for followers of Jesus Christ—those who affirm the Word of God, not disbelieving earth dwellers.)

Thank you for your interest in this crucial topic. God has called His people to “watch” in such a way so as to be prepared for His Son’s glorious return. It is our prayer that you will sincerely be further equipped to be in this state of readiness. God bless you as you abide in Christ Jesus—Lord of lords and King of kings!

O.K. Let’s begin our exciting journey!

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