Summary: The major weaknesses of the other end-time positions do not apply to this Final Trumpet Rapture position—the position is a completely different perspective than the other eschatological viewpoints. For example, the major weaknesses of Preterism do not apply to the Final Trumpet position because the end-time passages are indeed especially intended for those living in the days before Jesus Christ’s glorious Second Coming. The major weaknesses of the Post-Tribulational position do not apply to the Final Trumpet position because there is a distinction to be made concerning how the return of Jesus Christ takes place—it’s more than just at the Revelation 19 account. The major weaknesses of the Pre-Tribulational position do not apply to the Final Trumpet position because, for starters, the defining elements of His return include His initial appearing at the close of the 6th Seal period. The major weaknesses of the Pre-Wrath position do not apply to the Final Trumpet position because Scripture does not explicitly teach the timing of His coming for His Saints will occur during the 6th Seal.

Point: Allow this Final Trumpet Gathering position—we make no distinction between “gathering,” “taking up,” and “rapture”—to speak for itself. Some of the presuppositions of these other popular eschatological positions may warrant reconsideration due to their weaknesses. (e.g., definitions: Wrath, tribulation, Second Coming, to name but a few; biblical theology: Are there sufficient grounds to construct the 70th Week of Daniel in the way it’s often done? There are many assumptions herein! Is there clear warrant to position, chronologically, the taking away of the daily at the same time the Abomination of Desolation is set up—Daniel 12:11? These are only a few issues we are suggesting warrant reconsideration.)

One concluding comment for this page:

This Final Trumpet site (and the chronological position it introduces) is NOT the emphasis of Endurance Ministries. We believe there are sufficient grounds to bring the application emphasis we do and have stated them on this site. Please see the other sites devoted to these crucial things unfolding before our very eyes. What a day in which to live!

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Even so, please come Lord Jesus!